Thursday, April 22, 2010

Genizah Update # 8...Actually, Just Pictures from #7

February 23, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Boy, did I have computer problems last night. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how to send that last update, and finally succeeded…or so I thought. Unfortunately, I included about 10 pictures in that email, but I discovered today that they didn’t come through. This probably made much of my email sound senseless.

Some descriptions of the above attachements:

· Tombi was the guide waiting for us at the airport. As I said in last night’s email, despite what his large nametag says, this is a picture of him, not me,

· Chapel and Towers are pictures of some sights we saw in Cambridge

· Primer, Ben Sirah, and David to Moses are three documents Jacob and I held yesterday – the first is a children’s book, the second was the first document that opened Solomon Schechters’ eyes to the value of the Genizah (a page from a long-lost biblica-erea book), and the third was the final letter that the great thinker, Moses Maimonides, ever received from his brother David before David was lost at sea.

I hope these come through this time.

Off to work now,


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